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let's create your revenue growth roadmap

In as little as two weeks from now, you can have a comprehensive plan on exactly how you will both increase and diversify your revenue, improve inventory management, make more focused and strategic decisions, systematize your back-office operations, build a deeper connection with your customers, and continue the growth and expansion of your business.

let's discuss your revenue goals

After our VIP Day together, you will walk away with...

i know you're super busy, but Let me grab your attention:

A crystal clear picture of where you are in your business and what you can do immediately to improve and increase your sales, delivered during the VIP day and after via a comprehensive, actionable report

A customized sales report that we utilize to dig deeper into your sales data and that incorporates your financial plan

A new revenue goal with a 12-month financial plan broken down by category so you know how many services, inventory or other resources you'll need to invest to hit your new goal

Your growth goals for the next 12 months, divided into manageable, actionable, 6-month chunks

What's next is simply, execution, by your team or mine.

Your high-level quarterly business growth strategy, highlighting key sales-driving product opportunities, interactive experiences, and services you should explore

The numerous ways you can become an even more disruptive company through innovating in every area of your business operations, including new streams of revenue

Clients Choose VIP Days With Me Over Online Courses or Group Coaching Programs When:

they prefer to get straight to the answers + execution

They don't want to spend months watching videos, doing research, attending group coaching calls, or sorting through office politics to get the answers they need on how to increase and diversify their revenue.  Their time is money - so they readily invest in getting those answers (and answers 100% original to their business) and then putting their full focus on execution

they want a complete transformation

They want to not only focus on increasing their revenue as they expand their business, but also diversifying their revenue.  Sustainable growth is critical to them, but so is ensuring that their business model maintains the flexibility to continuously evolve alongside the industry.  Revenue growth and serving the customer in innovative new ways are of equal importance to them

they value maximum results with minimal time

Their time is extremely valuable. They have a very demanding schedule and a team of people depending on them.  They want to ensure that every minute away from their team and spent with a Consultant not only dramatically shifts their business trajectory but is also transformational

If this sounds like you, then a VIP Day is the perfect fit.

I’m a corporate retail dropout - turned - Business Consultant for impact-driven businesses.  I spent 10 years working inside the corporate offices of some of the US's biggest brands, as a Buyer and Strategy Manager.

I'm DeAnna.
Your New             Growth Strategist.

you may have seen or heard me in:

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Fast forward to today, I ditched the corporate life to be the driving force of innovation, revenue, and impact behind small and midsize businesses like yours worldwide.

I make that happen by helping you create an innovative, disruptive revenue growth plan for your business, and we do all this in just one VIP day together.  After our VIP day, what's left is simply execution, by your team or mine.


I'm DeAnna.
Your New           
Growth Strategist.


(How we're able to accomplish so much in one day)

The Questionnaire


Your comprehensive questionnaire will give me insight into your business operations and help me prepare for the pre-work phase. After you complete, you'll immediately schedule your VIP date

The Pre-work


During these two weeks, I'm analyzing your questionnaire data and doing research to help me prepare your proposed growth strategy, as well as your customized documents we will review together

I can host your VIP day inside my cozy, colorful office in Atlanta, GA, virtually, or in your city.  Your meal and snacks are on me :-)

The VIP Day


I've spent the last two weeks researching, brainstorming with my team, and building upon the information you submitted, to review and finalize our proposed financial plan and growth strategy for your business during your VIP day

The Deliverables


You'll receive the VIP day recording, your finalized plans and goals, and immediate action steps to tackle your biggest challenges and move full steam ahead to execute your new growth plans

let's chat about your next steps for growth.

I work with an intimate number of VIP Clients per month, and we can definitely get your VIP day scheduled quickly, within the next two weeks!  Let's get on a call to get to know one another and discuss your revenue goals and how I will support you in hitting them.  Give me a few quick details about your business so I can show up to the call prepared to share my initial ideas of your next steps for growth!  I can't wait to meet you!

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