Receive laser-focused direction and actionable strategies from me to tackle one hurdle in your business.

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I am looking to launch my store but have no idea where to start.


I need to define my target customer.


I need my website to convert more visitors into sales.


I need to understand my numbers and set sales goals.


 I need to create a clear brand vision for my business.

Is this you?

Step 1: Book The Call

How It  Works

Select the date and time that works best for your schedule

Next, will you answer some questions, select which hurdle we we will tackle during the call, and you may submit documents for review. This helps me prepare our agenda and focus areas for the conversation

Last step is to submit your investment.  Available upgrades are to add an additional 30 minutes to the call or 7-days of text-based support from me after the call inside our own private group inside The Retailing Evolved Society® network

Step 2: Power Call Begins

We will discuss your vision and the agenda centered around the #1 hurdle we will be tackling

We will also discuss hidden obstacles related to the hurdle that may have hindered your growth

You will leave the conversation energized, motivated, and ready to increase your revenue, with specific strategies to begin executing

If you selected the Power Pod upgrade, you will be given your access and shown how to navigate the Retailing Evolved® platform (it's super easy, promise!)

Step 3: Post-Call Follow Up

Shortly after the call, a recap will be sent to you which will include:

A recap of the Consultation (we can also record the conversation if you request)

Your discussed immediate and future action steps

Links of resources we discussed that will be helpful to you

If you selected the Power Pod upgrade, we will continue our conversation inside  our group in The Retailing Evolved Society®, ensuring you are tracking towards the action steps we discussed during the call, getting any questions that arise answered

"DeAnna is beyond knowledgeable. With that, the level at which she executes your needs is unparalleled. There are no empty promises here! You can tell that she has spent the time in learning retail, learning business, and really being knee deep in those processes. I'd recommend her every time!"

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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