The retail industry desperately needs   
to lead the way.

VISIONARY, leT me grab your attention:

The retail industry desperately needs                          to lead the way.

your store

Retail is a $4.9 trillion dollar industry with many players, but NONE. LIKE. YOU.  The world needs Your talent. Your fashion eye. Your voice. YOUR STORE.  2020 surely showed us Entrepreneurs what we were made of.  But guess what...

you're still standing.

And for that, you should be so proud.  But now, we must focus on what I call "the new retail".  The way things were done and thought about before are out the window and we have to look at your retail business with a fresh, new perspective.  

It's time to explore new sales channels, delivery methods, customer segments - new ways to both drive sales and serve your customers.

You're more ready than you think you are to make strategic shifts in your business.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to get clarity, push fear aside and get the step-by-step blueprint to make it happen.

you've already tried:

Reading e-books...

Joining challenges...

Watching webinars...

Googling or youtubing till you fall asleep...

YOU'RE probably

FRUSTRATED BY conflicting info...

Every "guru" is saying something different. (For example, saying every issue in your business is an "advertising problem" so you continue to drain your wallets on social media ads with no ROI)

OVERWHELMED BY the juggling act...

You may have a 9 to 5 (that you probably can't stand), still have to make time for your relationship, be a great Mommy or Daddy, and somehow find time to run your business (and actually be successful at it)


Create a compelling online presence that mirrors your in-store experience or change your business model to thrive in this Covid-impacted environment.

If you're launching, you're unsure how to find wholesale vendors with unique products, figure out how much inventory you need for your store, and then once you buy, how to make it actually sell (some "gurus" will tell you to buy a couple styles and see what sells.  This is also so wrong and not how the retail business works)

I'm sure you're jaded by all the smoke and mirrors out there and trust me, I get it.

But that is exactly why I started my business.  I was over it too and I am passionate about teaching you the real retail strategies that drive long-term results that can be repeated and will make you unshakable.

Do they discuss what's going on in the industry globally?  Are they asked to speak at major industry events and trade shows?  You can check their Instagram and see if they're tagged by others in the industry.  Are they quoted in articles proving their expertise?  Are the majority of their LinkedIn connections in their actual industry, retail?

are they a true industry leader in real life or just popular on social media?

Where do you see your brand long-term?  If you envision being an international name, you should work with someone who has that experience.

what is your vision?

This is what I mean

Before you listen to me, or any other Coach, consider these things:

Have they only worked in retail as an entrepreneur?  Do they have experience in numerous levels and areas of the business? If you want to hit $1M they should have at least hit $10M.  Learn from people who have been at or worked in the level you want to grow to.  Their strategies will be next level and not googleable.   If not, you will always have that "something is missing" feeling because there will be, and a lot of it.  

what is their expertise?

Me speaking At Shopify Atlanta

Check Me Out


drove $1Million from a new collection launch

"I worked closely with our manufacturer to be the first to go-to-market with a no-iron linen collection."

This collection drive a $1M incremental sales increase over the previous year, and today, 8 years later, the collection name is trademarked and is a multimillion dollar merchandise program.
I replicate these same successes within your business.

Chizi's startup raised $120k in funding

"DeAnna's refining of our deck and developing of our ability to speak clearly on the impact of our solution helped us raise $120k shortly afterwards."

The availability and professionalism of DeAnna is top tier. The depth and breadth of her knowledge shocked us a few times, and to back it up she was able to provide targeted connections to individuals within her network.  Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

This could be you....

liz saved over $100k in markdowns

"DeAnna helped us establish data-informed product development targets to make sure that we were bringing the right mix of products to our next launch."

She also explored trends in the industry, reaching out to customers and travelling to trade markets to keep the pulse of styles and designs that are relevant to our company.  She is design savvy, fun to work with, and not afraid to bring new ideas and insights to the table.

In my corporate life

With my consulting

After A Power Call

AMIRA got CRYSTAL clear on where she was in her business and next steps to grow her sales

"What stood out most while working with DeAnna was how much she understood where I am in the process of growing my business."

She was able to give customized feedback based my particular business needs. No cookie cutter answers.   She didn’t just expound on my problem areas but more importantly pointing out why and how I’m on the right track within other areas of business.  DeAnna is very personable and a true professional.   If you are just starting out, growing your business (as I am) or in need of some guided advice, DeAnna can help!

I do this work not only because I love retail, but because I believe that small businesses (you) are its lifeline.

The innovation comes from you. The unique product mix comes from you. The cool new tech comes from you. The intimate customer connections come from you.

It’s only fair that you should have the same tools + strategies to thrive as “the big guys" right?!

You absolutely will, along with experiencing double-digit sales growth and a new path forward.

After working with me

IT'll go a liL something like this

experience double-digit sales growth repeated over and over

a new business model that will continue to evolve as quickly as retail does

build long-term wealth by creating a business that will outlast you

Kick that imposter syndrome in the butt and feel confident about your talents

control over your life to do what you want, with who you want, when you want