are waiting for you.

The retail industry is going through a major shakeup right now, and quite frankly, it started years ago. The time is NOW for you to launch your store.  The time is NOW for you to be fearless about growing your business.  Some brands have downsized or disappeared completely - which makes now the perfect time for you to emerge, capture their customers, and be the posterchild for "what's next" for retail.

if you needed confirmation, here it is.


(Waiting for you to show up confidently as the force YOU know you are)

A NEW GENERATION OF RETAIL IS HERE, AND inside storefront success™ YOUR STORE will get the tools, strategies, and support to lead IT.


You are so ready to finally take those dreams about your store out of your head, and put them down on paper and into action.

You want to buy merchandise that you are 100% confident will sell, and stop guessing what you think your customers want.

You're tired of seeing visitors on your site, but those visits not converting into sales.

You're dying to know how to write content that drives your customer to buy.

You've been waiting to jump off the sales rollercoaster and see not only consistent sales in your store every month, but consistent sales growth!

Finally, you can launch and grow your store with the tools, strategies, and processes of billion-dollar brands, even if you have no prior retail experience.

You are finally ready for a step-by-step blueprint for consistent sales growth and ditching the trial and error.

you deserve this.

Yep.  I know what you're thinking...

"You do know we're still going through a pandemic right crazy girl?".

"But there's so much competition out there!"

"My sales have been down X% this year!"

"How can I think about growth right now? I'm still just trying to keep the doors open!".

"All I need to know is how to play in this online space".

"Isn't right now a horrible time to open a brick-and-mortar?"

News Flash:

There's never been a better time to be in retail.

98% of retail business are small businesses.  That means you're already the present and future of retail, literally! So you really have no choice but to live up to that hype by transforming the way you think and move in your business from today forward and get excited about what the future holds for your store.

PS - it's looking pretty bright!

These challenges and frustrations  may have stopped you before today.

These challenges and frustrations may have stopped you before.

Being scared to take the leap away from a seemingly stable paycheck to the often unpredictable income of entrepreneurship (or how you will manage it all if you stay and do both)

You know you have to invest money into launching and growing your store, but risking your savings or taking a loan out on something that "might" work is worrying you (and your fam and friends' lack of encouragement isn't helping)

You're overwhelmed by so much conflicting info about how to launch and grow your store that you're at a complete standstill because you have no idea where to start and in what order

You're exhausted from the constant stress of trying to balance running your store, tending to your relationship, being a great parent, and still trying to find even a tiny bit of time for yourself

i've been there and you will overcome them!

ready for your life to change?

The fear of the unknown holding you back. As everyone has said, this has been (and still is) an unprecedented time in history, but this will make an even greater victory story for you. You have proven you have the resilience and creativity to make it through anything

Every time you Google or YouTube something, you find plenty of information, but then, you always struggle with piecing it all together.  And in what order? And why it always feels like something is missing? 

You have plenty of people trying to tell (or sell) you "what" to do, but to grow your store, you also need the "how" and "when".

imagine what it will be like when you have...

More time for what & who you love

You have many talents and passions, and people who love you, that want some of your 24 hours every day.  Life is short.  Why not spend it doing what sets your soul on fire?!  You'll find the joy back in your "why" again

a step-by-step business roadmap

You know your store has high growth potential, and now you have clear direction on what exactly to do after you've launched to grow your sales, and in what order, and how to do it profitably

a close-knit support system

Now, you get to cut through the noise and work with a team who not only teaches you retail (not general business) sales growth strategies, but can also help you lay the foundation to handle that growth - while also being a mentor, ear to vent to, and cheerleader to celebrate your wins (because you will have plenty)


No more frustration from putting in so much work every day and not seeing the results in your sales reports

customers who can't stop coming back

Your focus shifts from being so customer acquisition heavy to customer retention heavy.  You turn your customers into loyal, lifetime fans

You're ready to grow your store, but you have a lot of questions!


How do I know how much (and exactly what) inventory to buy?


How do I know who my target customer is and what they want?


How can I get people to not just visit my website, but actually buy?!


How do I set sales goals for my store (and actually hit them?)


How can I brand my store better? Images, video, content, all of it.

Questions like...

You wish someone would help you cut straight through the noise, look at where you are today, and give you the exact steps to get to where you want to be tomorrow.

(and also be there to support you every step of the way)

Uplevel your retail business with a step-by-step blueprint to hit double-digit sales growth on repeat, without the guesswork.

that's whyI created...

Storefront Success™
combines a course + coaching + community + 1:1 support to deliver your step-by-step blueprint for how you will launch, grow, and scale your store,



"What stood out most while working with DeAnna was how much she understood where I am in the process of growing my business."

- Amira e.

She was able to give customized feedback based my particular business needs. No cookie cutter answers. She didn’t just expound on my problem areas but more importantly pointing out why and how I’m on the right track within other areas of business. DeAnna is very personable and a true professional. If you are just starting out, growing your business (as I am) or in need of some guided advice, DeAnna can help!

“The depth and breadth of DeAnna's knowledge shocked us a few times.  She helped us raise over $120k for our startup."

- chizi u.

The refining of our deck and our ability to speak more clearly to the potential impact of our solution on the problem of anti-counterfeit and post-sale brand interactions helped us raise over $120K shortly afterwards. Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

the before

before joining storefront success™

Gut-based decisions,
reaction-driven moves,
guess n' hope buying, 
random launches


the after

Sales-based decisions,
goal-driven plans,
customer-centric buying,
strategic launches


Phase 1:
Setting The Foundation

You will learn about all the ins and outs of the retail / wholesale / e-commerce industry - where you fit in, and how it impacts you.
If you haven't launched your store yet, you'll first create your business plan and establish your competitive business model! You'll receive a comprehensive list of typical startup expenses, understanding of how much marketing you will need to do to hit your sales goals (you will create them), and exactly how much funding and inventory you will need to start your store.

If you have launched, you'll jump right into reviewing your current business model and your physical and digital storefronts to immediately start making sales-driving adjustments based on the Storefront Success™ framework.  You'll dig deep into getting to know your target customer to make sure you're attracting them at every stage of their journey with you.

program breakdown:

Walk away understanding your entire product lifecycle and your customer's journey inside your store (and where to enhance that journey to drive more sales).


Phase 2:
Setting The Plan

You will review your business health like you never have before.  You will look at your business from a CEO level to see opportunities and risks that have been under your nose this whole time, and learn how to think from that CEO level moving forward to make sales - driving decisions.  You'll turn that new knowledge into your sales plan (goals) and business roadmap (how to hit your goals).

Walk away with a clear understanding of your brand performance to date, what opportunities you will chase, what risks you will eliminate, and set a sales goal and map out your detailed plan of how you will hit that goal.


Phase 3:
Curating Your Product Mix

You set your sales goals and the plan for how you will hit them, so in this module, you find the products that will help you do just that. Your products are your bread and butter.  As a retailer, if you don't have products, you have nothing.  And if you don't sell products, you go out of business.  So it's critical that you source products that your customers will drool over.
You'll also get invaluable tips on how to maximize your time and money at tradeshows and other ways your products can make money for you.

Walk away with a sourcing and buying plan that is based on your target customer, what's trending, and your sales history = a sales-driving combination.


Phase 4:
Sell, Sell, Sell

All the work you've done to this point leads to this!  In these modules you will put all the plans you have made into action with your launch plan based on the  Storefront Success™ framework. You'll learn to make strategic decisions as things sell, and also how to duplicate that sales growth over and over.

Walk away with a clear understanding of how to successfully launch a new collection, how to optimize as you sell to drive more conversions, and how to repeat the strategies that are working to drive double-digit sales growth on repeat.

What's Included In The Storefront Success™ Program:

Access to the 12-month storefront success™ program + curriculum



exclusive, private community for storefront success™ students

access to the plan to launch curriculum for entrepreneurs launching a store

12-month access to the storefront success™ vault with spreadsheets, worksheets, checklists, and resources

Live Coaching & Hands-on Support

Business Tools

Peer Support

networking with other retail entrepreneurs inside the retailing evolved society®

- my previous life as a buyer at chico's

"I worked closely with our manufacturer to be the first to go-to-market with a no-iron linen collection. It was a $1M launch! Today, 8 years later, the collection is a trademarked, multimillion dollar  merchandise program.

- liz, capital lighting

"DeAnna helped us establish data-informed product development targets to make sure that we were bringing the right mix of products to our next launch. She saved us from having to lose over $100k from markdowns!"

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Make a commitment to yourself today, right now, that you're going to bet on yourself and take this first step to launch or grow your store.

commit to your goals + dreams

Complete our application to see if we would be a good fit to work together and get access to our live private training + Q&A session.

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When you make the business-changing decision to enroll with us, you'll immediately receive your login to the Storefront Success™ private community and content.

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How this works






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

making an actual choice if you'd like to stay at your 9 to 5 or leave it and be your own boss.

a store built on a rock solid foundation and that will change the retail game.

Kick that imposter syndrome in the butt and feel confident because you invested in getting the tools for success.

a loyal set of customers who are obsessed with your store and will sing your praises to everyone they know.

the fulfillment and peace that comes with following your dreams and running your own business.

“Where can I start? DeAnna and her team are incredible. They are responsive, kind, and knowledgeable. They worked with me through my indecision. This may sound strange but I believe they saw my brand clearer than I did.”

- stephanie h.

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's do this!


Have a clear, actionable, 12-month plan in place for growing your store.

Know exactly how much funding and inventory you need to hit your sales goals.

Be able to describe your target customer so well that you can visualize them.

Know where to find unique merchandise for your store that will make you stand out over the competition.

Understand the "behind the scenes" of the retail industry to speak + move like a Pro.

Know how to manage your personal life + business life (and still be able to work a 9 to 5).

By the end of your time inside Storefront Success™, you will...

I’m a corporate retail dropout - turned - Business Consultant for indie brands + boutiques. I've been in the industry since age 16 and have a Bachelor's in International Fashion Merchandising Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Polimoda (Florence, Italy).

I spent 10 years working inside the corporate offices of some of the US's biggest brands, but it didn't ever feel like "me".

Because you deserve to compete at the same level as the brands I used to work for, and I make that happen.

Hi, I'm DeAnna.
Your New Retail Biz Bestie + Coach.

you may have seen or heard me in:

Used to work with;

Fast forward to today I ditched that (crazy) life to work exclusively for (you) small business owners.

Because you deserve to compete at the same level as the brands I used to work for, and I make that happen through my signature coaching program, Storefront Success™.

One of my biggest learnings as an entrepreneur is to hire help in areas I lack.

Once you come inside Storefront Success™, if you ever need something that is outside of my expertise, I have a host of Retail Industry friends (some of whom are a part of the Retailing Evolved Society®) who I will get the solutions from for you.

My network runs deep from 16+ years in this industry and that network becomes yours when we work together.

I'm here for your success, and to cheer you on as you become the bright light this industry so desperately needs right now!

you get me + my network

You got this!

Removing yourself and your dreams from being on standby and putting them in the forefront.

Building a business that will outlast you.

Believing and trusting in your talents that have gotten you where you are today.

Creating the life that makes you wake up with joy in your heart.

Having your passion and drive finally align with your paychecks.

Walking through doors that you opened for yourself through your business.

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

This      for you if:

you are launching or growing a brick + mortar or e-commerce store

you're looking for a way to make quick money or for overnight success

you see yourself running and building your store long-term

you're not willing to dedicate at least 2 hours a week to the content

you're ready to work for yourself full-time or plan to in the future

It's probably        for you if...

you want someone to do the business planning work for you (I have 1:1 consulting for that)



We are currently accepting applications from Retail Entrepreneurs who are preparing to invest in launching a store or are already in business and seeking a step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve sales growth that can be repeated month after month, year after year.

Sound like you?

Let's do this thing.




yep billions in client revenue driven


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