I'm DeAnna McIntosh.

I help Retail Entrepreneurs ditch the guesswork,
gain clarity, then hit double-digit sales growth on repeat.


Welcome to my comfy couch, social club, and classroom.

If you've been looking for help launching and growing your retail business,
you've found the right place. 

What I do...
I equip Retail Entrepreneurs with the tools and training to thrive in what
I call                                          .

The New Retail

I’m a Retail coach + Consultant, travel junkie, ice cream feign, boy mama, football coach wifey, blue - haired, new-idea-by-the-minute kinda woman.

(clearly I'm a multi-hyphenate, as I'm sure you are too!)

I'm so excited for you to become the posterchild for "the new retail".  I teach you to dominate brick and mortar and online retail using the same strategies and tools as the billion dollar brands I used to work for.

But wait - how did I land here consulting for small (but mighty) retail businesses?

you may have seen or heard me in:


Entrepreneurs Preparing To Launch A Brick & Mortar or E-commerce Store 

This is the perfect time to launch your store  (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;-)) because you will be launching in the "New Retail" environment vs. having to scramble to adjust to it like many businesses are doing right now.

You just need the  non-googleable information about what it really takes to be successful in retail.

Who I serve


Brick & Mortar Shop Owners

2020 showed you what you were made of but you're still standing!  2021 brings new opportunities to capture customers of the shops who unfortunately closed their doors, and to position your store at the forefront of the "New Retail".  You must cultivate customer trust and loyalty, constantly giving them compelling reasons to shop with you.  PS - Brick & Mortar is still the #1 channel driving retail sales.  The time is now for you to see your biggest sales numbers yet.

Who I serve


E-commerce Shop Owners

2020 was the year that e-commerce became a non-negotiable channel for all retail businesses - a blessing and a curse right?!  A blessing because you were already operating in this channel.  A curse because now everyone else is too.  It's more critical than ever that your store stands out in your market through unique merchandise, compelling branding and merchandising, and a strong marketing strategy.

Who I serve


You already have what it takes to grow your retail business,

Guess what?

you just need the step-by-step blueprint and support to get there. 

Start here:

Find out the
#1 thing you need to focus on to increase your store sales.

if you haven't launched your store yet, click here instead.

Plus 3 practical next steps + resources to get you started!

(and should be yours too)

Retail is not dead.
It is evolving.

Before we get to know each other any further, you must know that you are a part of one of the most powerful industries that exist, retail. 

There's been so much negativity about there being a retail apocalypse, Covid has hit us hard, and I'm sure you've been told you're crazy for having a retail business.

Well I'm here to tell you today, right now, that you're not crazy, you're genius.

magic trade show buyer bootcamp
oct 2020

My motto

There's never been a bigger opportunity for you to make money in retail, you just need access to that behind-the-scenes, non-googleable (yes it's a word, ok!) information that I cannot wait to share with you.

Success Stories


"The professionalism of DeAnna is top tier. The depth and breadth of her knowledge shocked us a few times, and to back it up she was able to provide targeted connections to individuals within her network."


and that lifeline is YOU.

It's bigger than just selling products and having speedy delivery.  We have to get back to the stories behind the brands, the clienteling, the unique products, the immersive experiences.

The entire retail industry desperately needs a lifeline...



How To Hit Double-digit Sales Growth On Repeat.

you are one step away from hitting your sales goals.

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