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We help Vision-led Individuals, Retailers, and Businesses creatively grow their revenue, community, and [more importantly] their impact.



I'm a Creativity Coach and Consultant who believes that to see sustainable, profitable growth, you have to not think like your "business type".
(i.e. a retailer, service provider)

Say what DeAnna?

i know what you're thinking! hear me out.

Brands lose their way when they stop focusing on their customers and shift their focus primarily to “selling stuff”.

Sure, selling products or  services is what classifies you as a business - but you're ultimately in business to solve a specific problem for your customers. How well you solve that problem, and in how many ways, is what makes you competitive and gives your brand staying power.

So, instead of thinking like a specific business type when growth planning, remove the title of "Retailer" or "Service provider" from your business and shift your mindset to "I am in business to solve X problem".

After you reframe your mindset (and stop boxing in your revenue potential), you will effortlessly come up with creative ways to solve that problem (aka revenue streams), and generate more revenue, than a traditional “retailer” or "service provider" does.  This is my favorite part of the growth strategy development process with our Clients!

I spent 11 years working inside the corporate offices of some of the world's biggest brands....

Some of titles I held were Merchandising Director, Strategy Manager, Manager of Merchandise Coordination, Logistics Analyst, Buyer, Merchant.  I saw the industry from retail, wholesale, and e-commerce perspectives, and managed billions of dollars in merchandise revenue.

But none of these titles (or the companies) ever felt like “me”. 

My creativity was always stifled by “this is how we’ve always done it”.  Innovation and trends were overpowered by the “same ole same ole”.  Miserable people were everywhere, just doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck. No drive.  No ambition.  No inspiration.  I was always working on my business ideas on my commute, and taking biz calls during my lunch breaks.

Any of this sound familiar?

any of this sound familiar? 

I'd bet yes.  It's what all my clients say drove them to start their businesses too.

I saw so much potential in the brands that I worked for.  I knew there had to be more to the industry, and really, business in general, that I was missing.

(What was missing was me working directly with you - small and midsize businesses who bring the innovation and fresh eyes that is so desperately needed in today's business climate!)

My Journey Into Entrepreneurship

i mean i always knew i would be an entrepreneur.  my mom still has my middle school posters i drew with layouts of my coworking space-slash-store i wanted to open one day.

I know.  I was way before my time right?!

As draining as it was, I kept working in corporate and even hit six figures as a Merchandising Director.  But it just wasn't enough.  It was important for me to be challenged and fulfilled by my work.  It was never about the money.  I wanted to tangibly see my impact on the company.

fast forward to august 2019 when I made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I started owning my own story...

There wasn't this "moment" where I said that's it!  I'm done.  I'm quitting. I'm out, never looking back.  PS - I'd already been running my business for 4 years at that point, and no I didn't have savings stacked.  

This leap was 100% unplanned.  Things were becoming toxic again at work and God told me that it was finally my time to be the all-in entrepreneur I was destined to be.  Now, I work exclusively and passionately helping Founders and Businesses thrive utilizing the proven branding and merchandising strategies I utilized throughout my corporate career and throughout the 8+ years of learnings as a small business owner.

your success is in your hands.


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long money
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not about

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My Formal Bio

In 2020, after the senseless murder of George Floyd, and seeing the awakening of retail companies to their lack of diversity, DeAnna co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Diversify Retail® Inc. to connect two communities she loves to drive change and make a global impact – the retail community and communities of color. Through her nonprofit, she educates and empowers BIPOC brands and retailers to open and build retail businesses that evolve as quickly as the industry does, and that will shape the face and future of what retail looks like today.

DeAnna McIntosh is a trend-setting, results-driven Brand Strategist and Creativity Consultant with 17+ years of experience helping brands drive sales, conversion, productivity, innovation, and engagement (11 of those years being inside Fortune-ranked companies).

DeAnna is a Creativity and Innovation Thought Leader and Changemaker, often called upon to speak and inspire audiences that the growth they envision is in their grasp.

She is renowned for her collaborative and energetic work style, innovation, and conducting business with integrity and transparency. DeAnna and her team bring priceless insight, original and actionable ideas, brilliant branding, organizational effectiveness, and sales-driving strategies to your company from day one.

DeAnna holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Fashion Merchandising Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, USA, and Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. DeAnna is currently obtaining her Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation from Drexel University.  She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and busy toddler.

With a strong eye for design and her extensive branding and merchandising experience, she has launched numerous products into retail and e-commerce platforms – with one of the most notable being the Chico’s No-Iron Linen Collection, which is now a multi-million-dollar program. DeAnna also curated the first-ever “shop local” product assortment initiative at Office Depot, merchandising 10+ local Austin, Texas brands inside the 13 area stores - including consumer favorites Epic Provisions and Chameleon Coffee.

In 2015, DeAnna launched The Affinity Group International (TAGI), a Retail Economic Development firm,  to strategically build and fortify independent retail economies in developed and emerging markets through the company's signature retail training and development program, Revitalize Retail®.  The program was facilitated through Economic Development Corporations, Small Business Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and Retail Shopping Centers.

In 2018, DeAnna launched TAGI's sister, Retail Consulting Firm, Retailing Evolved®, to creatively fuel the growth of businesses with the proven branding and merchandising strategies, tools, and systems she utilized daily to drive billions in revenue throughout her corporate career.

DeAnna's most recent venture, The Visionry, is a Brand Strategy and Creativity Consulting Studio where she and her team help to create and build innovative, authentic, industry-leading brands by infusing creativity in every aspect of their business operations.  She believes that the biggest source of failure in business and education sectors is a lack of innovation, and she works every day to change that.

The real deal

In addition to my 11+ years in corporate retail, in my 8+ years as a small business owner I've been a Jewelry Line Owner, Event Planner, Membership Manager, Nonprofit Founder, Coach and Consultant. I've tried and tested many things. I've invested tens of thousands on educating myself on the latest and greatest systems, strategies, and tools in the business world, and I pass that directly to my Clients through your brand strategy.

The customized brand growth strategy we create for your business involves products, services, and experiences that will both increase your revenue and the depth at which you serve your customers.

I’m here to help you build a business that disrupts the status quo (and grows month after month), and sets the standard for the future of commerce.

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