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We help Vision-led Individuals, Retailers, and Businesses creatively grow their revenue, community, and [more importantly] their impact.

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Together, we'll maximize what's working, create an action plan for what isn't, develop innovative revenue streams, and expand your business in ways that both serve your customers - and generate revenue, like never before - and in a way that's aligned with your vision for both your business and your life.

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to put it simply, we help you create the vision for the future of your business or project, then we develop the action plan to achieve that vision, and lastly provide the tools, systems, and team to execute the vision-driven growth plan.

Our 3 Step Roadmapping Process To Maximize and Diversify Your Revenue and Impact

Creating Your Brand Straetgy



carving the monopoly

The questions at hand: What do you do better than anyone else and how do you solve problems to serve your customers better than anyone else?

The answers to these questions is how we carve not your niche, but rather, your monopoly.  We're  brainstorming new revenue streams to transform your business into a unique and unrivaled store or service concept.

In this phase, we are getting back to the heart of why the business was started, and casting the vision for the future of it - which will lead us as you expand your business operations.

We’re examining what’s working, what’s not and revenue opportunities to chase. We are having brainstorm sessions with your team, gaining a fresh, new perspective on your growth potential from all stakeholders involved.



creating the roadmap

The questions at hand: What is our new revenue goal and what products, prices, promotions, places and people do we engage and activate to hit that goal?

The answers to these questions lie in creating or enhancing your brand and merchandising strategy.

In this phase, we are planning your brand strategy the exact same way I planned my multi-million dollar departments as a Buyer at several Fortune 500 companies and from being a 8+ year small business owner.

We’re evaluating how to better plan and flow in your product offering, producing strategic creative content, creating innovative experiences, and seamlessly incorporating innovative revenue streams into your business model - all executable without any ad spend.



strategy + structure + systems = scaling

The questions at hand: What processes, tools, staff, meetings, and resources do we need to execute your new business growth strategy?

The answer to these questions will show us what funding and resources we will need to ensure that we increase and maximize your revenue profitably and sustainably as we work together as a part of your team.

In this phase, we are restructuring your day-to-day business operations so that everything you do ties back to your new revenue goal and business roadmap. You may be a small or mid-sized business on the outside (for now) but you will be structured like a big business on the inside.

We're evaluating how to optimize your current operations and resources for better efficiency and productivity, especially to ensure our new strategies and revenue streams are seamless value-adds to your current business structure.

After we complete your brand strategy, what's next is simply, execution, by your team or with ours.

“After applying the strategies I learned from DeAnna over the past 6 months, my sales YTD are up over 50% compared to LY and 41% compared to LLY.”

- d'cher, love peridot

I'd been following DeAnna for a long time after coming across her page via a business friend. She came off so differently compared to the other Business Consultants I'd followed in the past. She broke business growth strategies down in a way that I'd never seen. The expertise that DeAnna provides is filled with so much VALUE! Yes, my numbers are looking great. But the value and the fact that I can apply the tools I learned for years to come is priceless. 

“DeAnna's expertise, knowledge and network cannot be beat. She is a genius at creating and sharing the MOST useful documents that have completely re-defined how I manage the business day-to-day and make all decisions. ”

- kali, project full

In my first 6 months of working with DeAnna, we have not only set up a solid foundation for operating our business, but we have seen double digit sales growth and most importantly, as the founder and CEO, I now have that million dollar brand mindset when making any and all decisions related to the business.

“The depth and breadth of DeAnna's knowledge shocked us a few times.  She helped us raise over $120k for our startup."

- chizi, smart seal

The refining of our deck and our ability to speak more clearly to the potential impact of our solution on the problem of anti-counterfeit and post-sale brand interactions helped us raise over $120K shortly afterwards. Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

- business growth planning

Our Brand Strategy Expertise

- art direction and styling

- Financial Planning, Analysis, and Forecasting

- Product Assortment Planning (knowing what skus to bring in and when)

- Product Sourcing

- Conversion Optimization

- Promotional planning


- brand definition and strategy

Brand Strategy

Merchandising Strategy

- Pricing Strategy

- creativity retreats

- leadership training and coaching for creativity

- innovation management

- interim chief innovation officer

Creativity Coaching and Consulting

- brainstorms and think tanks

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