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Flawless Clarity

3-day workshop Inside the Retailing Evolved Society®


There's so much noise out there from various Coaches and "Gurus" about the latest and hottest marketing technique to grow your business.

But the best thing you can do is to go back to the basics.  Your "why".  Go back to the core of what your business does and why your customers love you.

TIRED OF TRYING TO GUESS what to do next to grow your retail business?

Is it more marketing?  is it putting your products on sale?



A 3-day, instant access, QUICKIE WORKSHOP WHERE YOU Silence the noise, get clear on where you are today AND where you want to be, and THEn - PLAN how you will get there.

Inside the Flawless Clarity™ Workshop, the guesswork is removed.

In just 3 days, you'll learn how to take a deep look at where your business stands today...

Then set realistic and specific sales goals...

And lastly, create your brand roadmap for how you'll hit those goals...

So you can make sure that...

What if you never had to guess what your next steps should be to drive more sales?

You don't have to figure things out alone (that's what I'm here for)

every decision you make from today forward makes you money.

How does that sound?

I've taught thousands of Indie Brand + Boutique Owners  how to dominate brick and mortar and online retail using the same strategies and tools as the billion-dollar brands I used to work for as a Buyer, Merchandising Director, Strategy Manager, and Art Director.

I've been in the retail industry for 16 years and counting, have managed billions in merchandise revenue, led million-dollar product launches...
but none of that compares to what I do now, working for small (but mighty) retail business owners aka YOU!

My idea for the Flawless Clarity™ Workshop came from one of the top 3 issues I see with Retail Entrepreneurs that is an immediate roadblock for growth -
a lack of clarity and focus.

And with how hard the pandemic has hit retail, there's a need for clarity and focus more than ever, so you can pivot into this "new world of retail" with a sales plan and a game plan.

Hi, I'm DeAnna!
Your New              Chief Transformation Officer.

I'm a Corporate Retail Dropout - turned - Business Coach for Retail Entrepreneurs.

This workshop is the answer to these questions I asked myself...

You would feel like this right?!


These challenges and frustrations may have stopped you before.

These challenges and frustrations may have stopped you before.

Overwhelmed by so much conflicting info about how to increase your retail sales that you're at a complete standstill (For example, "gurus" telling you to just spend more money on social media ads...even though you are not seeing a ROI)

Frustrated by not having enough time to work ON the business vs. IN the business (Aka be a CEO vs. an employee)

Annoyed that even when you do have some available time to work on your business, you have no clue where to start (Should it be marketing?  the product mix?)

You don't see the point in setting goals because of the hot, unpredictable mess that 2020 was.  (Plus, you rarely stick to goals you set or end up changing them completely anyway)

you will overcome them!

ready for your business to change?

Here's What You Need:


You can't hit goals you haven't set.  And I'm not talking "I want to increase my sales" generic goals.  I'm talking "I want to see a 10% sales dollar increase over last year" - SPECIFIC goals.

a GOAL-BASED business roadmap

Once you have your goals laid out, you need a roadmap on how you will hit those goals.  No more flying by the seat of your pants.  Assign a plan + purpose to every decision.


It's usually not enough to just make goals for yourself and your business.  You need someone to hold you accountable to them and to provide support when you need it most.

A quickie, instant access WORKSHOP helping Retail Entrepreneurs get the clarity you need to create your brand roadmap in 3 days and ensure that every decision you make from today forward makes you money.


the solution is...

Inside the Flawless Clarity™ workshop, I share:

how to look at your business performance in a way you never have before
(and that will give you the answers you've been looking for)

the 9 questions you need to ask yourself to get back to the "Why" behind you starting your business

a quick and easy way to set your sales goals
(and why $100k in your store is not going to be enough for you to quit your 9 to 5)

things you need to plan in advance for from today forward
(like when you will bring in new products for example)

how to create your business roadmap that will guide your money-making decisions for the rest of the year!

Let's do this thing.


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Before you can start planning for tomorrow, you have to know where you stand today.

On day one, you'll be completely focused on reviewing the overall health of your business.

You'll look at your sales reports, how your marketing efforts are working, your customer experience, and more using your Review. Renew. Restart. Workbook.

After the first day, your eyes will be wide open to the current state of your business and the opportunities to grow your sales that have been right under your nose this entire time.

Here's what you'll learn inside Flawless Clarity™:

the review. renew. restart. method

Day One

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When getting clarity around any situation in your business, it's crucial to get back to your "why".

Why...did you start your business in the first place?
Why...do you serve your customers better than anyone else?

During day two, you'll be using your Review. Renew. Restart. Workbook. to answer all the "why" questions to get back to the heart of your business.

Your "why" and your core customer may have changed a bit due to the pandemic, but the core function and purpose of your business likely hasn't.

After the second day, you will be refreshed, energized - and your passion fully activated by your "why" - and  have a renewed focus on creating your vision for the future of your business, which we'll do in our last day together.

Day Two

enroll now


It's never too late to start over.  Never.

Why? Because you aren't ever actually starting completely from scratch.

Everything you've done personally, and professionally in your business up until this point have prepared you for where you will go next with your business.  All the learning lessons, the wins, the things you're still figuring out - they will all launch you into this next phase.

During day three you will take the work you've done the past two days to create your new goals.  You'll set a sales plan with your 1st & Goal Calculator, understand how much in inventory you'll have to invest in to hit those goals, if your goal is enough for you to take a salary, and more.

You'll then plan out the big ideas you want to execute this year, for example, new products you want to launch, in your Review. Renew. Restart. Workbook.

Lastly, you'll create a roadmap to make your goals happen.

After the third and final day, you will have the Flawless Clarity™ needed to immediately move forward towards your goals, and ultimately, experience double-digit sales growth in your store.

Day Three

So after you spend three days getting clarity on your business and setting goals...

Your Success Is My Priority

Support After The Workshop

I will be sending you 30-day and 90-day accountability check in emails to see how you're progressing towards your goals!

And I want you to be honest with me, and let me know if anything is holding you back.

One thing you'll learn about me - I'll always be a source of encouragement + cheerleader for you in your business journey.

If there's any advice I can give to help push you forward, I absolutely will.

i'm going to hold you accountable to them!

Make a commitment to yourself today, right now, that you're going to bet on yourself and take this first step in getting clarity on your business direction.

commit to clarity

When you enroll in the workshop, you'll see additional tools and resources you can invest in that will help you dig even deeper into your business + setting goals.

decide how deep you want to dive in

You will be sent your login for the Flawless Clarity™ Workshop inside the Retailing Evolved Society®.  Log in and dig into the content!

move into your new biz home

How it works






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

CLARITY ON HOW MUCH IN SALES YOU NEED TO HIt TO LEAVE your 9 to 5 and be your own boss.






"This work was so empowering.  It's empowering to understand exactly what's going in in my business, so I can make the best decisions to grow!"

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

next review

A week from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's do this!

enroll now for instant access and get started immediately

Due to the digital and immediately consumable nature of this workshop, there are no refunds offered.  You will have 6 months access to the workshop content.

3-part, 3-day pre-recorded video training
($565 value)

1st & goal calculator
($49 value)

review.renew.restart. workbook
($69 value)

30-day + 90-day email check ins
($59 value)

Included in your workshop investment:

(that's a $742 value)

I've made the Flawless Clarity™ Workshop a no-brainer, value add to your business.

It's worth over 13x the investment, you can implement the training in just 3 days (you really could in less than a day if you prefer to binge-watch and knock it all out at once), and the clarity you will receive through the work you do is truly priceless.

You know where you want to be, and quite frankly, deserve to be, at this stage in your business.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to make sure you have clear steps to get there.

You just want someone you can trust to tell you how, and also be your cheerleader.

you're in the right place.

that someone is me.

If you're still wondering more about who I am and why in the world I'm offering this workshop at this insane price...there must be a catch right?

There isn't. Retail is all I've known since age 16.  I truly love this industry and want to see you thrive in it.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in International Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT and studied Merchandising in Florence, Italy (and spoke fluent Italian) for an entire year. I've held corporate roles making 6 figures as a Buyer, Strategy Manager, Merchandise Director, managed billions of dollars in revenue, and now use my skills from those roles + my own entrepreneurial experience to drive double-digit sales growth for thousands of small businesses like you.

Working 10+ years in corporate retail offices taught me that the future of retail is YOU, small businesses.

This workshop is intended to play a small part in your business success story, and help get you unstuck and on your way towards creating that business you've always envisioned.  It's going to help you see your own potential - and you yourself will create the steps to reach that potential, during the workshop.

Have a clear understanding of the health of your business

Know exactly how much inventory you will need to invest in to hit your sales goals

Know how much salary you will be able to take from your business this year

Have laid out your strategy for hitting your sales goals

Have created a roadmap by month of your business operations - that tie to your sales goals

Have clarity on where you are now, where you want to go, and how to get there

By the end of your time inside Flawless Clarity™, you will...


Study at your own pace

workshop workbook provided


create a goal-driven roadmap

This      for you if:

you ALREADY own a brick and mortar or e-commerce store

you're looking for a way to make quick money or for overnight success


you're not willing to dedicate 3 days to work through the content

you want to have a roadmap to follow to hit your sales goals

It's probably        for you if...

you don't want to be challenged to dream bigger and reach further with your business



Your success is in your hands

Get the clarity + focus you need to move your business forward.


Three days from now you'll have your next 12 months all planned out....

How does that sound!

Enroll now for instant access and get started immediately

Due to the digital and immediately consumable nature of this workshop, there are no refunds offered. You will have 6 months access to the workshop content.

3-part, 3-day pre-recorded video training
($565 value)

1st & goal calculator
($49 value)

review.renew.restart. workbook
($69 value)

30-day + 90-day email check ins
($59 value)

Included in your workshop investment:

(that's a $742 value!)

Removing yourself and your dreams from being on standby and putting them in the forefront.

Building a business that will outlast you.

Believing and trusting in your talents that have gotten you where you are today.

Creating the life that makes you wake up with joy in your heart.

Having your passion and drive finally align with your paychecks.

Walking through doors that you opened for yourself through your business.

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:


How long will it take me to finish the workshop?  I don't have much time right now.

The workshop is 100% online and self-paced, but I recommend for you to block off a few hours on your calendar, for three days, to get through the content.  You could knock out the entire workshop in less than a day if you wanted to binge-watch the videos!  The workshop content is provided via pre-recorded video so you can start and stop, and rewind anytime you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this different than other programs and workshops?

For starters, it's taught by me, someone formally trained in the business of retail and has vast experience in many different areas of it: buying, logistics, art direction, wholesale, e-commerce, brick and mortar, and marketing.  While I have corporate, big brand experience, I also have experience working with small businesses, and I myself am a small business.

I created this workshop content to be simplistic and easy to digest.  The challenging part about the workshop is you digging deep into your business to explore things you hadn't seen or thought of before.

Will I get 1:1 time with you?

Ah I wish I could, but I was able to provide this workshop at a low investment because you consume it at your own pace and it doesn't have live elements from me.  I do however check in with you via email after 30 days and 90 days to see how you're progressing towards the goals you set!

Also, there are limited-seating group coworking sessions where we can review your strategy work together!  You can sign up for as many as you like once you're inside the workshop.

PS - you can always book a Power Call or Power Day with me if you'd like 1:1 time.

Do I need any additional software to enroll?

The program itself is hosted inside the Retailing Evolved Society®, which is my private community.  You will be sent your login to it upon enrolling in the workshop.

You will want to have access to a spreadsheet software like Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets for you to do your sales plan.

To be able to work directly inside the workshop workbook PDF, you'll want to have Adobe Acrobat / Reader.